Join us as we gather online for the new Soul Restoration course.

In this short video excerpt from the course, Melody tells you face to face what Soul Restoration is all about, why she created it, and what it has in store for YOU...
WHAT: Soul Restoration Online
WHERE: Online, inside Brave Girl University
WHY: Because the world needs ALL of us to be our strongest, healthiest, truest, bravest selves...and that’s what Soul Restoration is all about.
WHEN: Start anytime! As a self-directed online course, you'll be able to take Soul Restoration on your own schedule and at your own pace.
"I’m not sure I can put into words what Soul Restoration is doing for me. I’ve learned so much about myself – the good, the bad and the ugly… and it’s transforming my life into what my life had the potential of being. The tears, the smiles… the comradery of the other ladies in the course – the beauty of friendship… it has consumed me and I don’t even want to go to work – I want to stay home and work on my Soul…I can’t say enough about it. If you have the opportunity to do it – DO IT."  -Sandi
The following is a personal message from Melody Ross, creator of Soul Restoration, who explains what it means to restore a soul and what we need to be restored from... 

I have spent a lot of years trying to figure out who I am…kind of relentlessly. I used to have a really mixed up, messed up, lie-filled belief about who I am. I am learning that it’s the same for a lot of us. A lot of us not only don’t really know who we are….but we believe we are a lot of things that we are not.

I think that a lot of people believe that they have some big debt to pay, and they try every minute of their lives to do it, and the debt just seems to grow. If you asked them what the debt was for, if they could put words to it…a lot of them would say that they are trying to earn their place in the world and they have to make up for being so un-good, so un-right, so un-perfect…..they have to pay more than anyone in the history of life has ever had to pay because otherwise, they will get kicked out of anywhere and anything good that has ever happened to them….there are so many who believe that there is not a place for them in this world unless they pay dearly for it. Where does this belief come from? Well, it comes from neglect, abuse, abandonment…it comes from broken parents and caretakers….it comes from their own heads, even…..from mistakes that were made along the way that they think we have to suffer for to repay….and the suffering pretty much has to happen for the rest of life…..because this ambiguous debt is so big.
(Melody continues...) 

This line of thinking can destroy a society…it can destroy a family….because it destroys the individual who thinks it, who really and truly believes it. It can waste a whole life and make it into one big pile of suffering.

But it’s a REALLY REALLY REALLY hard belief to unwind…..because it is so deeply rooted…..because life has a way of validating it and making it seem true. When something bad happens, we might think it is part of our payment for being so un-good, unworthy, un-right or un-perfect. So we deal with life on those terms. When something good happens…….we might enjoy it for a moment before the panic sets in and we start calculating how much deeper into debt we are going to be if we indulge in this happiness, this joy, this peace, this goodness, this love………so then we put our hand up and say “oh no thank you, this is not for me” or we sabotage it, or we run from it…..and if it is scary enough, we might even try to destroy it. It’s not that we don’t want it…it’s just that we know for sure that we can’t pay for something that good. We are already so far behind and just trying to pay for the space our body takes up in the world….and doing that is already a full time job. Add on some goodness, some pleasure, some love, some comfort, some peace……’s just too much and too impossible.

I’m gonna venture to guess MOST PEOPLE in the world are scrambling around our planet believing this lie. We have to change it, and we have to start with ourselves.

 We have to restore back to who we actually are.
"This course has allowed me to be gentle with myself, to go through and take a hold of my life, to accept the things that have happened, to stop blaming myself and embrace all aspects of me, to set boundaries for myself , and to move forward as a whole person instead of leaving pieces of me behind." -Ashley
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These items are optional; the online course includes printable PDFs you can use instead. There is no reason to wait to get started if you want to order the can begin the course while your Workbook is on its way.
(Melody continues...)
We are that beautiful 3 year old child with sparkling eyes and innocent hearts and value beyond all quantifiable measurement. We are learning, growing and becoming every minute.

We have not yet become…..we are still becoming.
We have not yet learned.....we are still learning.
We have not yet grown.....we are still growing.

All of these things come with all sorts of stumbling, falling, failing, screwing-up, making messes…..none of which take away our value or put us into a debt that we must abandon everything good in life to be able to pay back. We have to restore back to who we actually are. Fear makes us desperate, selfish, isolated and paranoid. We are not meant to live in fear….but to live in trust. We must learn to trust ourselves, to trust love, to trust our journey. We must learn how to trust. We must learn who to trust.

We have to restore back to who we actually are.

Just like restoring a beautiful old house is not all that much fun….once you get through the parts where you’ve dug through the mess and sorted and sanded and scrubbed and thrown out everything that doesn’t belong……you get to the polishing, and the cleaning, and the peace…. and the beauty and the wonder and the parts that make it ALL YOU. You get to the truth. You get to the light. You get to the richness, the nobleness, the naturalness…….you get to WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

And then it gets really fun. 

So, I hope you’re feeling like this is for you….because we’ve saved a seat for you. But don’t worry, we will save your seat for as long as it takes for you to be ready. Because you are not meant to live feeling trapped, used up, on auto-pilot. You are meant for joy. I promise. And I know you can get there.

It’s who you always were, it’s who you always have been, it’s who you always will be. We just gotta go in and rescue you outta those lies that make it seem impossible.

YOU are still in there.

love, melody                 
"I would have to say this is easily one of the best classes I have ever taken. Ever. One of the ones I learned the most in and grew the most in. I am the kind of person who pays attention. I would say I am aware. I listen to myself. I watch and observe and try to learn and grow. And, still, I learned so very much about myself in this class, it’s almost impossible to explain how much. I had revelation after revelation." – K. G.
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Questions & Answers
What is Soul Restoration?
It’s a step by step process. It’s amazing, it really is. It is life altering. It is not religious, and I am not telling you what to do, or how to do it. It will reunite you with your own faith, your own truth. It will help you figure things out for yourself. It really does work. I’ve seen it work thousands of times in thousands of people, women and men. - melody

Soul Restoration is a comprehensive online course comprised of videos, assignments, activities, and projects that are tools to help you remember and internalize all you will be learning. 

How do I take Soul Restoration?
You can take Soul Restoration in two ways…online inside Brave Girl University or live at one of our Certified Instructor events. We hope you will join us as we take it together online during the fall of 2016 ....we will all take the course at our own pace and on our own schedule, but we will have group support, connection, and interaction through a special Facebook group and periodic FaceBook Live sessions, etc. 

Both the online course and experiencing it in a live group setting are incredible. Lots of people have chosen to take it BOTH ways...taking Soul Restoration online gives you the flexibility to take your time and finish every single project  and assignment...while experiencing the course in a group setting with others, facilitated by a Certified Instructor, is truly a phenomenal experience. If you're interested in a live Soul Restoration event or retreat, click here to find a Certified Instructor or event near you.

How much does it cost to take Soul Restoration online?
The short answer: $24.95 per month (no contracts) and it will generally take up to 4 months to complete, so probably not more than $100 by the time you finish it.

The long answer: When we first launched Soul Restoration in 2011, it was offered as an 8 week course for $99 per person. Since then, we created Brave Girl University, a subscription-only online university that includes Soul Restoration along with a huge library of other online courses by Melody and some of the world's other best teachers, artists, and mentors (around 100 of them!). To get 24/7 access to the Soul Restoration online classroom, you’ll simply subscribe to Brave Girl University and you'll be given a personal login. It's month-to-month, so if you want you can easily cancel or suspend your membership once you finish the class.

How long has Soul Restoration been around?
We first launched Soul Restoration online in 2011, after seeing its life-changing effects at Brave Girl Camp. In the years since, we’ve produced many, many MANY online courses* and have learned a great deal about online class production (delivering it in a way that is beautiful and easy-to-use). Melody has also had the chance to refine Soul Restoration as she has taught it over the years. In early 2016, our team took a trip to one of our favorite places on earth and re-filmed the entire thing. As if that wasn’t enough, Melody also created a 74-page companion workbook for the class and made it appropriate for both women and men. So Soul Restoration is fresh and streamlined and more beautifully powerful than ever. We’ve always had a deep belief in this curriculum, but never more than now. This life-changing class is even more incredible than it’s ever been, and we’re so excited to share it with you.

*FYI: Every Brave Girl/Melody Ross course, as well as courses from almost 100 of our favorite teachers, are available in Brave Girl University 24/7. It's all included in the $24.95/month subscription.

Who is this class for, and who is it not for?
This question is best answered with an excerpt from one of Melody's blog posts about Soul's what she said: "I’m sitting here trying to make this class sound fun. And, as I am writing down everything that is really true about it, I am realizing it's really not all that 'fun'…in fact, it’s really hard. And, I am realizing that it is not for everyone, but just for those who are ready for it.

That is not to say that it is not made for everyone….because it is…and I truly believe that everyone needs it, woman, man….everyone…this is just to say that it is not going to work unless you are ready….unless you are sick of how things have been and you are ready to dig in and figure things out."

The truth is, while this curriculum was made for every single human on earth, it may not be the right time for you to take it. Be patient, when the time is right, the curriculum will feel right. 

Here's what Kathy Wilkins, the co-founder of Brave Girls Club and sister of Melody's says about this question: I strongly believe EVERY PERSON needs to take this…no matter where you are in your life, no matter what burdens you are carrying or even if you have had a relatively smooth life but need a boost to help you get unstuck and joyfully on to the next chapter in your life...Melody will lead you step by step through a brilliant process of discovering your truth and the bravery and strength that’s already within you. She will teach you through a powerful process…but in a gentle and loving and uniquely powerful way that ‘fits’ regardless of your beliefs, background, age, gender, or life experiences. She will fast-forward your life beyond the obstacles that have kept you from being where you want to be and experiencing the life you want to live. I will personally be taking the new Soul Restoration this fall right along with everyone else. I can’t wait to dig in and see what is around the corner for myself, and I wish that for you, too. I hope you will join us! 

What supplies do I need for this class?
-Glue Stick(s)
-8-12 Blank Cards (2"×3" or 3"×5" work well)
-A Journal for recording your thoughts and for journaling assignments (approx 50 pages)
-A small notebook (around 3"x5"), which you will eventually burn
-Access to a computer and high-speed internet connection for watching videos
-A Soul Restoration Workbook (available here) or access to a color printer for printing curriculum from the online classroom

Once you are a Brave Girl U subscriber, you can order an optional Soul Restoration Workbook or Premium Kit from the BGU Bookstore. The Premium Kit  includes the Workbook plus a journal, a 3x5 notebook, and a set of heavy chipboard cards...everything you need to complete Soul Restoration.  
Note: Only current subscribers are able to purchase Soul Restoration Workbooks and Curriculum kits; they are not meant to be used outside of the context of the Soul Restoration Online Course.   

More FAQs are found at the bottom of this page.             
I'm interested!  What do I do next?
I'm already a Brave Girl University Subscriber
If you're already subscribed, you can immediately access Soul Restoration by logging in at You may order an optional workbook or premium class kit at any time in the Brave Girl U Bookstore.

I'm not yet a Brave Girl University Subscriber
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I'm ready to order a Workbook or Premium Class Kit
Once you have subscribed to Brave Girl University, you will be able to order your optional  Workbook or Premium class kit from the Brave Girl U Bookstore

I am interested in attending a live Soul Restoration event or in personal coaching from a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor
For a comprehensive experience, we recommend you take Soul Restoration online AND at a live event. Our Certified Soul Restoration Instructors are some of the best people we know, and they are now hosting events in lots of different formats all over the United States and Canada. If you'd like to take Soul Restoration at a live event, click here to find one near you. 

I want to learn more about becoming a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor
If you're interested in learning about how to become a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor, so that you can teach others using Melody's very unique and powerful curriculum at your own events, click here for more information.
The Premium Course Kit & Workbook
In this short video, Melody will show you the Workbook and exactly what's in the Soul Restoration Premium Course how we'll be using each beautiful item. 

Note: The Workbook is available by itself as well as in the Premium Course Kit. There is also a Supplemental Add-On Kit available: scroll to the bottom of this page for a video description. You can also do this course using just the printable PDFs you'll find in the classroom.  

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I can't even begin to express my love and gratitude for Soul Restoration...I needed this reboot more than I can express.  It helped me find my voice and my song and my power again, and honest to God I needed some help. — K
Why are we calling this course NEW? 
Melody has been teaching Soul Restoration for the past seven years at Brave Girl Camp and online to literally thousands of women (and recently our first group of men). The results we have witnessed and the years of continuous feedback have been phenomenal. 

This year Melody and the Brave Girl Team took the huge step of taking everything learned over the past seven years and completely re-producing and refining the course with beautiful new videos and powerful new materials to make Soul Restoration even more concise, focused, and effective. Even if you have taken Soul Restoration in the past, this course is everything you loved before and so much more.

After 2016, Melody will only teach Soul Restoration online in Brave Girl University. Live Soul Restoration events (from retreats to home meetings, using the same new videos and materials) are now being taught across the US and Canada by a growing number of Certified Soul Restoration Instructors whom Melody has personally trained.  Many people choose to take the course BOTH online and in person from an Instructor. 
This course has allowed me to be gentle with myself, to go through and take a hold of my life, to accept the things that have happened, to stop blaming myself and embrace all aspects of me, to set boundaries for myself , and to move forward as a whole person instead of leaving pieces of me behind. — Aimee
Soul Restoration

Join us, beginning September 7th, 2016, as we gather online in a group session of Soul Restoration. We'll learn together through beautiful videos, heart-penetrating lessons, soul-stirring printables and powerful projects for use at home, each of us at our own pace and on our own schedule. We'll connect and support each other thru a special online group and periodic webcasts.
Soul Restoration

AND/OR find a Soul Restoration event, hosted by a Soul Restoration Certified Instructor, near you! These live events are truly spectacular and life-changing. You know you'll love it!
Soul Restoration REVIEWS

"I don’t know that there are enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe Soul Restoration with Melody Ross. Good adjectives. Amazing. Eye-opening. Heartwarming. Heart-wrenching. A time of self-discovery. Melody taught me to love myself. Through all the damage, and all the weakness, and all the CRAP. She taught me how to discover the Sandi that got buried so many years ago… buried to the point that I thought I’d never see her again. Buried by fear, buried by heartbreak… buried by the confines of a sick Soul House…I stand before you today (well actually I’m sitting) a woman that DOES love herself, that has embraced her weak-self and has learned to be the confident, brave girl that she was always meant to be."  – S. T.

"I love Soul Restoration and Brave Girls Club. Soul Restoration has been life changing for me!" — T. H.

"Throughout the course, Melody provided encouragement and a place to be safe. Nothing I posted in the forums would be ridiculed (admittedly, I didn’t post a lot, but it wasn’t through lack of desire) and anytime I had a concern, someone, either Melody or Kathy or other BG staff-type folk, or one of my Restoration colleagues, would address it. Whether it was a concern about how far behind I’d gotten, or that I occasionally felt like a fraud, no comment I made was looked down on. And in this age of anonymous, scathing, and often just downright reprehensible online behavior, that was soooo refreshing! It was wonderful to know that there was a place I could go online and talk to other women about the trials of just living life!" – R. W.

"Because I took Soul Restoration, I am now a different person than I was before. Without realizing it I have become Stronger and Softer at the same time, and I didn’t know it." – T. T.

"If you’re not doing Soul Restoration, you should. Really, it is is is Brave Girls…of course it is amazing..and I am not just saying that." – S. A

"I knew the course had an affect when, about in week three, my mother said, “You are happy. You are more happy than I have seen you in a long time.” Nice. I think part of the ‘magic’ of the course is that, in the process of creating the art, the mind and heart get into “flow,” that state where creativity and truth co-mingle. I experienced flow a lot while a musician…you know, you begin something, and four hours later you look up and can’t believe that much time has passed. In that state, the heart is freed of constraints. Truth can penetrate, and Truth can heal the sores and wounds in our hearts. Anyway, if anyone reading this has not done the course, I encourage you to do so. Save your pennies (like I did.) Make room in the schedule." -R

"I realized I’m braver than I ever thought I could be… I’m worth so much more kindness and love than I have ever allowed myself to have all these years… and that I can shine very, very brightly doing what I love.

This workshop is the best gift I have ever given to myself. It is the gift of true restoration of the heart and soul. I highly recommend it to everyone, where ever they are in their lives. Melody, Kathy and the Brave Girls staff provide fabulous life tools that you will continue to value and use throughout your life journey. I encourage you to be a part of the next one where you can join Melody and other Brave Girls using a very unique and creative process to help restore the person you remember being." – D

From Kathy Wilkins, Melody's sister and co-founder of Brave Girls Club
While Melody is a renowned author and artist and an incredibly gifted teacher, Soul Restoration is truly her life’s work. It was born out of her own incredibly challenging and soul-stretching journey, and I have had a front-row seat watching this phenomenon happen and gratefully being part of taking Soul Restoration to the world.

Today Melody is more passionate about Soul Restoration than ever…more enthusiastic about leading others through this curriculum, more dedicated to sharing this ‘map’ with as many people as possible. I have never heard her be more passionate about the need for this now when the world is increasingly disrupted and fear-filled and shaky. The world needs ALL of us to be our strongest, healthiest, truest, bravest selves...we each need more peace and clarity and to be unburdened by whatever it is that might be holding us back….That's what Soul Restoration is all about.

Over the past 7 years, everyone on the Brave Girl Team has taken Soul Restoration from Melody (even the guys)…we have each experienced for ourselves how powerful and life-changing it is. We’ve also been privileged to participate as hundreds and even thousands of women (and recently our first group of men) have taken it at Brave Girl Camp and online. We’ve seen first-hand how they have changed their lives as a result. And I have hundreds and hundreds of emails and cards from people who have written with their thanks even years after taking the course, sharing all the ways that Soul Restoration changed their lives. It is truly incredible!

We have seen relationships improve, careers skyrocket, priorities change, boundaries made,
old burdens drop, wounds heal, peace return, answers come, and joy discovered.

I will personally be taking the new Soul Restoration this fall right along with everyone else. I can’t wait to dig in and see what is around the corner for myself, what growth and progress a new round of SR will bring me...and I wish that for you, too. I hope you will join us! 

More FAQS...

How long is this course?
Soul Restoration (the online course) is broken up into a carefully planned series of videos, discussions, homework, projects, and experiences. If you are doing it online via Brave Girl University, you will be able to do it on your own schedule and at your own pace. We recommend you allow 4 months for the online version to give yourself plenty of time to move through the curriculum, although some will move through it faster than that. Live versions are done with Certified Instructors in a variety of formats like 1-week retreat settings, weekly home meetings, and so on.

Is Soul Restoration for men, too?
Yes. The videos are appropriate for either women or men. For the printed materials, there are different materials for women and men that can either be printed at home or ordered from Brave Girls Club. If you wish to order the Soul Restoration materials for men, please email Soul Restoration for MEN is also available in 2016 and 2017 in a live 1-week retreat setting through Brave Girls Club.

Can we do Soul Restoration as a couple?
Because Soul Restoration is a deeply private and personal experience and process, we would not recommend doing Soul Restoration 'together' with someone you are in a primary love relationship with. However it is something you could both be doing side by side at the same time, being careful to give each other plenty of space and privacy. Discussions can help as you go through the course depending on the dynamics of the relationship, but shouldn't interfere in any way with the personal process that Soul Restoration is for each individual.

Does everyone need a separate login?
Generally, each person taking Soul Restoration must have their own subscription in Brave Girl University. For instance, even if you are meeting weekly with a group of friends to watch the videos and work on projects, you would EACH still need to have your own subscription and login. However, ONE subscription and login can be shared by those living in the same household. If you are living in the same household and sharing a subscription, you will need to contact if you wish to order more than one Soul Restoration Workbook.

Why can I only order one Soul Restoration Workbook or Premium Kit?
This curriculum is a highly-developed work of intellectual property that is not for use outside of a teaching setting, either online or by a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor. It is also a Workbook that is intended for use only with instruction. For this reason, the materials are available ONLY to those who are actively subscribed to Brave Girl University and taking Soul Restoration or to those who are taking Soul Restoration from a Certified Instructor (in which case your Instructor will provide your copy of the Workbook and other materials).

If you are in the same household as someone else who is taking Soul Restoration and need an additional copy for that person, simply contact with the names and addresses of the participants and we will facilitate ordering of the additional copy.  

The Soul Restoration Workbook or Premium Course Kit are now available in the Brave Girl University Bookstore.

What if I'm unable to take Soul Restoration at this time?
There's good news for you, because Soul Restoration will be available permanently in Brave Girl University to take any time (or even many's that good). 

About the Premium Course Kit & Workbook
In this short video, Melody will show you the Workbook and exactly what's in the Soul Restoration Premium Course how we'll be using each beautiful item.

Note: The Workbook is available by itself as well as in the Premium Course Kit. There is also a Supplemental Add-On Kit available: scroll to the bottom of this page for a video description. You can also do this course using just the printable PDFs you'll find in the classroom.   

Brave Girl University Bookstore
About the Supplemental Kit
Melody shows you what's included in the Supplemental Kit....a SoulArt Book, the Decision Maker, and 'You Are Going To Be Okay', and shares how you might use these materials if you choose to add them to your personal Soul Restoration tool kit. 

Brave Girl University Bookstore